Save Money in Duty Free Shops

How to save money using duty free shops?

When you go in the duty free section, your primary focus is to always try and save as much money as you can. And yes, if you know how to do it, the truth is that you can actually save quite a lot when you buy duty free. Many people believe duty free shops are expensive, but that’s because they don’t study the market and they might not even know where to look. Thankfully, if you do your homework and know the prices, you will have no problem figuring out where to go and how to buy in a smart way.

Use price comparison websites

The first thing you want to do when you want to save with duty free shops is to go online and use a website like DutyPare. The idea here is that the website will let you compare duty free prices from one airport with the ones on the arrival airport. It’s hard to know where you can find the best deals, so a lot of people buy from their initial airport. But the truth is that arrival airports can have a better deal. Or it can be the other way around. The only way you can know for sure is by actually using a price comparison site. DutyPare will let you select the two airports you will visit and then you can add the product you want. It certainly helps and it will bring in a sense of quality and value that you do not want to miss.

What products tend to offer the best discounts?

When you go in the duty free section, you will notice that the most discounts come from alcohol and perfumes. These are two of the product types that can be very expensive in retail stores found locally. In the case of duty free, things are better because you’re always getting that sense of value and professionalism. It’s the best of both worlds, and the results can be extremely impressive if you know where and how to buy, of course. The reason why alcohol is expensive locally is due to “sin taxes” which are applied on top of regular taxes. This stuff makes such products extremely expensive, and it’s exactly why you have to pay a lot of attention to what you buy and how you buy it, just to be safe. Chocolate is also inexpensive in duty free regions, as well as local products. Even gifts can be cheaper here.

Check for freebies

Some duty free locations actually offer freebies when you buy items. That’s especially true when it comes to cosmetics. They might give you some travel size versions for free if you buy a larger product. It’s also valid for perfumes, where travel size perfumes can be shared for free when you go for the 100g option for example. You just have to ask and know where you can find the best value and price for that item.

Buying unique products

Many duty free locations will give you products you rarely find on the market. That’s an advantage because you can easily impress everyone with products they can’t find in their country. It’s true in regards to spirits, but also chocolate, clothing and so on. They do import many items in the duty free shops, so it’s very obvious that you can get a really good return on investment if you buy here. Plus, the feeling of buying something unique and different can make a huge difference, and that’s exactly what you want to achieve.

Stay away from confectionery

Confectionery products won’t give you a good deal most of the time. So if you really want to save money, you can easily stay away from that and you will be fine. The idea is to assess the situation and actively figure out how to get a really good result fast and easy. In this case, confectionery items are not eligible for a great discount, if any at all.

Go for the international brands

In the duty free section, you can find many international brands that don’t have a store in the country itself. They sell duty free because they can avoid paying huge import taxes. That’s why many Asian brands sell in the duty free sections in America. It’s actually a great idea for them and the return on investment is pretty impressive. You do want to take your time and use some price comparison sites. But when it comes to such stores, you are always getting a deal because you just don’t have a retail store to sell them locally. And importing them from their origin country can end up being super expensive.

Can sunglasses be more affordable duty free?

No, most of the time sunglasses are expensive in the duty free sections. The reason for that is that they end up selling only very expensive brands. Of course there are exceptions to the rule, some places will actually give you a cheaper way to buy, so it all comes down to the situation itself. But for the most part you are not getting the best deal on products like these. However, you could get access to some exclusive lines you can’t find anywhere else. Which is why it makes sense to visit the duty free section for sunglasses. Just don’t get your hopes up that you will save money, because most of the time you don’t.

Buy duty free, it’s worth it

The truth about buying duty free is that it can help you save a lot of money. If you know how and where to buy, going duty free can be a very good idea. It requires patience and research, but going duty free is maybe the best thing that you can do. Remember, if you document beforehand and use a price comparison site for duty free locations, it can help a lot. Don’t expect everything to be more affordable duty free however. Yet there will be some items with a much better price if you buy them in duty free locales!