Duty free - Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons of Saving Money in Duty-Free Shops – Travellers

Shopping is one of the favourite activities of people all around the world. Not only women love shopping but also men want to buy different suits and look like a gentleman. Shopping is very essential, whether it is for home amenities, grocery or basic needs. We have to go shopping in stores for the daily routine. It is an essential part of our society. How can we live if we don’t shop for our basic needs? Shopping is not only limited to routine needs, but some people also see this as a form of entertainment. Mostly, girls go crazy when they see a new designer launch or shoe collection in different brand outlets. However, boys also like to shop a little less than girls. Shopping is an activity which keeps everyone happy. If you are feeling sad or depressed for some reason you can go shop for yourself and take care of yourself. If you want to show someone how much you love them, you will buy a gift for them. So shopping has many benefits. But it can prove heavy on your budget. You have to plan on a budget before going out and shopping for yourself. It is important to keep in view your expenses and your basic requirements. After you make a budget for all that, you can spend on gifts for your dear ones. Because nothing is more important than survival. Shopping can prove to be very troublesome sometimes. Products at the store make you look like you need all of them. But your budget can’t bear that. So it becomes quite difficult for you to decide what to buy. This is one of the major drawbacks of shopping.

Duty-free Shopping

Duty-free shops are trending now. Duty-free shopping costs you less and can prove to be very helpful for you. It is the duty-free shops which help you out when you forget to buy a gift for your loved one. Also, the prices are comparably lower than the store prices. Normally, people bargain while buying things. But duty-free shops call for luxury shopping. We buy things from a duty-free shop when we are either in the urgent need or find the prices right. Therefore, bargaining does not feel necessary. Mostly, people visit duty-free shops in international airports, when they are waiting for their flight or have to buy some gifts for their family and friends. Therefore, bargaining does not come in their minds. Also, the duty-free shops provide you with products which are tax-free. There may be no one to attend you but you can buy things at low prices too. So everything has its advantages and disadvantages. Duty-free shops make the product free from locally imposed taxes. It makes the product price low compared to local retailer price. But at some airports, the marketers add on additional taxes which make up the price the same as the local retailer. So you have to look if the prices really are low then the product you can find at a high street store in your area.

Benefits or Pros of Duty-free shops

Duty-free shops are found almost in every airport. All international airports look more like shopping malls than airports. It is duty-free shops are in business. These shops attract almost every passenger with their “Tax-Free” and “Duty-Free” boards. Everybody wants a discount, and when its shopping people find the urge from within to see the new arrivals and stuff. Therefore, they do not sit on the seats waiting for their flights or their family to pick them up. Instead, go to the duty-free shops and end up buying things. Here are some benefits of buying from a duty-free shop.


Normally, whenever you buy a product there are taxes imposed on the product. These taxes make the product twice its actual price. However, when you compare Duty-free with the local market you find prices considerably low. Duty-free prices are low because the product does not have a local stamp on it. It can be an export good. So duty-free products save you from all the unnecessary taxes. You can shop freely around the store. Buy all your favourite things without the fear of local taxes and high prices.

Buy things with your spare foreign cash

We all have spare cash when we get back to our homeland from a holiday or from from work. We find it very exhausting to go to the banks or money exchange franchises just get our currency converted. So Duty-free shops provide us with a better use of this cash. You can shop in these duty-free shops all the things you deem necessary for you in the future. Or you can even buy the routine basic things from the shop. It will save you the trouble of going to the banks in person.

Enable to buy products we forgot to take with us to the airport

Life is always in a hassle. Sometimes you get so busy at work that you forget to buy the things which your parents or family told you to buy. Little things matter a lot. It would definitely hurt them if you couldn’t bring the single thing someone told you to bring in with you. However, sometimes you buy things and forget to bring them with you at the airport. There you won’t have time to go back and fetch them because of the flight time. In this situation, duty-free shops can save you. You can find almost everything in the different stores and also at low prices!

Cons or Disadvantages

Everything has two sides. It’s up to your perspective which side you find better or has weight. Just like that Duty-free shops also have different cons or disadvantages. You may find them attractive because of the low prices but you don’t know until you compare. Duty-free comparison is as follows: A lot of shop alternatives: There are many duty-free shops at big international airports. These shops make airports look like a shopping mall. It is because these shops are trending now. However, the customer finds it difficult to choose between the shops. The same products can be found in alternative stores. So, it kind of confuses the customer where to buy. Stress: These duty-free shops attract the crowd and compel them to visit it. But the stress of the flight always remains in the back of the mind. People find it really difficult to shop properly in the duty-free shops at the airport. While shopping normally people lose track of time. Which can prove too troublesome for them, therefore, it can be considered as one of the cons of duty-free shops. You always have to shop in a hassle. No product comparing: They might say that the Duty-free shops are tax-free and cost you low than the local market product. But there are some shops which add additional taxes which make the product more expensive than the local market product. People never get to notice it because they get satisfied after reading the board “Tax-free”. So it is better for you to compare the prices with the local high street store. It was impossible in the past because you couldn’t really compare the prices. But now with the help of Dutypare.com – duty free comparing site, you can compare the product prices anywhere from your mobile, tablet or your personal computer! It will actually help you save your money and buy the cheaper products.