Duty free - Cheaper or not

Is It really cheaper to buy in duty free?

After you prepare to embark in your flight, you always browse the duty free area and end up thinking about buying stuff. This is a place where you won’t be forced to deal with any product tax. That being said, it’s extremely important to understand that sometimes you can actually save money in the duty free locations, which is really interesting.

Can you really save money with duty free items?

What a lot of people don’t realize is that duty free prices will differ from country to country. Many brands will just be available in the duty free shops because it’s cheaper for them to sell there and they don’t deal with taxes. So you can end up seeing specific brands not found anywhere else that you can buy solely in that duty free area. It makes sense to do that, and they will end up giving you a great deal since there are tax exemptions and other benefits for them. But obviously things differ from airport to airport. In India you have a 58% tax on alcohol, so you can end up saving a ton of money if you buy duty free. The same thing happens with cigarettes in Switzerland for example. When you travel you need to know if your airport or the arrival airport is the one that offers the best deal. That’s why DutyPare was created, to offer you a simple way to figure out whether going for the duty free products or another option would be better. In the end what really matters is how you buy, where you buy and if you are getting something at the right price. Once you do so, nothing will be impossible and the results can actually impress you a lot.

What kind of brands will you find in duty free locations?

Obviously this depends on the airports and countries. But for the most part you will find some of your most popular brands a part of the duty free locations. The thing to keep in mind here is that mostly perfumes and spirits will be cheaper in the duty free locations. That’s not the rule, sometimes there are many other items such as artisanal products or gifts that can also end up cheaper. Clothes can be found in duty free locations, but for the most part they are not that cheap. If anything, they are quite expensive at times. However, if they are not imported or from a very known brand, they can be cheaper. So yes, the brand itself, where the product is made and whether it’s imported or not will have an influence on the price itself, you just need to take that into account. For example, chocolates always tend to be cheaper in duty free locations. They are easy to produce locally, which is why you can find many local chocolate companies selling in the duty free regions. And they have a lot of customers, just because they are selling high quality products that people need. This also saves you time, because you can easily buy a gift without having to worry about missing anything. It can take a little bit to prepare properly, but it’s always worth the effort and that’s the thing you will like the most here. It’s the best of both worlds, giving you resounding benefits and quality without having to worry about any downsides all the time.

How much can you actually save with duty free products?

Research has shown that you can end up saving around 10% if you buy duty free items instead of those from retail stores in the same country. Of course, that percentage is an average, sometimes you can end up saving less money, other times you can end up saving a lot more. You really have to assess the situation and see where you can find a great deal. That’s where sites like DutyPare.com will come into play. In Europe for example you can end up not paying VAT, so prices can be up to 20% lower. Of course, not all duty free companies will give you that kind of deal. But it’s still nice to see how everything comes together and the value that you can receive as a whole. That’s why it does make sense to go and buy duty free, because it delivers the value that you want and you always end up saving money. Whether it’s enough or not, that’s up to you.

Do you need to show the boarding pass?

Normally if you fly within the same country or region, they won’t require the boarding pass. But if you go from the EU to the US or other countries, they request the boarding pass so you can actually get the discount in question. You’re still getting the discount, which is great. Yet they have to take some sort of precaution, which is something to keep in mind.

What are the items where you can save the most money by buying them duty free?

As you can imagine, some items can be acquired at a very good price in the duty free sections. These are chocolates, perfume and local products. Those are exempt of any tax duties, so you end up getting a very good deal. It’s important to use a price comparison site for duty free products, just to be sure that you are getting a really good deal and experience every time.

Can you really save money with duty free acquisitions?

Yes and no. While buying duty free can give you a good deal, there are also imported products that cost a whole lot more money. Use a price comparison site like DutyPare to make sure that you buy the right product at the best price. It can really make a huge difference, and all you have to do is to give it a try for yourself. If you buy smartly, you can end up saving a whole lot of money with duty free. But you have to study the prices beforehand to make the right pick!