Duty free Products Mystery

Why duty free products pricing is a mystery

Duty free products pricing is a mystery for a lot of travellers. We conducted a big research that includes 50 airports around the world in order to find out where we can find the best prices. Before we start, a few tips about duty free shopping.

1. Find a good deal - Always check the best price in duty free airport shops around you. Use our site https://dutypare.com and our convert a coin page to compare between prices https://dutypare.com/convert.

2. Best duty free prices locations – In general buy alcohol in the Caribbean, Cosmetics and perfumes in Europe and Tabaco in Asia.

3. Read local law – some countries limit the amount of products or weight you can you can bring to the plane. For example, some countries limit the amount of alcohol or tabaco.

4. Choose the correct credit card - always pay in local currency and use a card without foreign transaction fee.

5. Compare duty free products between airports shops at departure, flight connection and/or landing (you can purchase products on the flight back home).

Duty free comparison in Dutypare

Dutypare compared duty free airports shops products in America and have found huge price difference.
For example, the cost of Jack Daniels (Sinatra Select 1L) in Toronto Canada airport (MAD) is $195 Canadian Dollar (147.46 USD Dollar).
In Phoenix, USA (XXX) the cost is 154.50 USD Dollar. $7.1 price difference, Almost $10 price difference is a huge difference for 1 product.
And what about cosmetics? For example, Clinique Aromatics Elixir Perfume Spray 100ml perfume in Toronto Canada (XXX) and Antalya Turkey (XXX). Tremendous price difference. In Toronto the perfume cost 60.51 euro and in Antalya it cost 107 euro. What a huge difference, duty free comparison can save more than 40 euro. Can you believe it?
Even though sometimes we find great deals on our way to various destination around the world, and among them in Bangkok. This east Asian airport is the not best place to buy cosmetics. Compare it yourself and see.
If you have number of connection flights, or stops, you should think about a strategy for buying duty free products. If you go to Dubai (XXX) and to Zurich (XXX) you should compare you dutyfree products ahead. Lets look at chocolate… “Kinder Schokobons 320gr” in Dubai costs $8.44 (USD dollar), and in Zurich $12.06 (USD dollar).
Almost $4 for only 1 chocolate. Everywhere we look at, we can find price difference almost on every product.
Think about it, we all buy number of products in duty free shops, now we can save hundreds of dollars in every purchase and not be afraid to late our flight or lose our wallet 😉.
All those comparisons and money savings are correct for other products and categories too. Make sure you do a decent and deep research about these products offers and choose right.
What about duty free prices comparison in different terminals at the same airport?

Sometimes Dutypare can see prices difference even in different terminals at the same airport. We checked in duty free shops of New York (JFK) and Newark (EWR) and have found prices difference for the same products in different terminals. We have found that the price of Carta Blanca 1l is $15.5 in Newark terminal 7, but if you go to terminal 1 you will
So yes, we still think duty free comparison is worth it, and duty free purchases in general. There is no particular duty free airport where the prices are better in any category. So there is no right answer for this question. Furthermore, duty free prices are changing all the time. This is the reason you should always compare between products, airports and shops in terms of prices. Be that pioneer of smarter consumption.

In conclusion, duty free products prices are changing every day around the world.
Dutypare is the only site you can compare online and real time prices between duty free products.
Always make a pre-research before you arrive and in the end, you will make a very good deal.