About this site

Did you ever think about duty free comparing? Have you ever thought whether to purchase on departure or on return? Or maybe on the connection flight? Where duty free prices will be cheaper? Or maybe not? Do we have price difference between duty free stores in the same country? Or maybe not? What is the price difference between duty free stores in different countries? Whether we can find the same product in different duty free stores in our flight track? Is it same size? Or different? How much difference? Is it worth it? But wait, what about the currency, and the conversion ratio? Can we save a lot of money? Did you think about it? About all? I am sure you did, WE DO! This is the reason we developed this site, to solve and answer all your questions. We hope you have a lot because we want to answer them all. All the above questions about duty free comparing and duty free stores, worldwide. And yes, we do it for free. just for you! for the world to be a smarter place. :) We want to make ourselves smarter, in every aspect and especially smarter consumers. Duty free comparing is the start point and we improve every day, with you, together. All the time. If you believe we need to add some more stores? Tell us! 😊 Or maybe prices has changed a little bit when you arrived at the store? Tell us… we want to know everything… to improve, of course, and immediately tell everyone. Cause we are just one big family. Hope you loved the concept. We believe in it. Duty free comparing, let’s start!

About us

Dutypare was founded on 2019 in order to promote smarter consumption, using financial comparing. Company goal is to provide practical tools and life skills for responsible economic consumption. Today, you can find and compare more than 150 different duty free stores world wide in more than 50 countries. This site displays a variety of products from duty free stores world wide: Cosmetics, Drinks, Tabac, Chocolate and more.